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This is my new mantra = Massive Action. Not easy. But I am seriously working on it. Ever since going to the Tony Robbins one day workshop in Edmonton I have been so much more inspired to make changes in my life.

I have been challenged at work by a certain individual who is hell-bent on bringing me down and keeping me down. Why? I really do not know for sure? I just do not understand the ignorance of some people. I always try to figure out what makes other people tick. What it is that is important to them. Because there is always a chance that our values do not match, and most of the time that is alright. The problem is when someone else, who may have different values, is so obviously insecure and incompetent that they purposefully try to shame you over and over again. They attempt to pour their power over you. To manipulate you. This is the fourth shitty woman I have worked with that has done this to me and to other. WTF. And to think this is likely the end of my teaching career.

However, I am looking at this as a gift. As something, and someone, that I needed in my life in order for me to take that MASSIVE ACTION to get myself out of the status quo of my life. Of my job.

I am in the process. I will not allow anyone to bring or keep me down. I will make a difference in this world and screw anyone who does not have my back.


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