Pamela Dawn Life Coaching


Courage - Compassion - Connection. These are the three major values that guide me on a daily basis. My biggest passion is helping others, both as an educator and a Co-Active Life Coach.


I have been teaching for twenty years and I have been lucky to teach junior these past six years. This was something I used to be terrified of doing - teenagers?  But how lucky I was to be "forced" into this position. My students in grades 7-9 these past few years have challenged me, encouraged me, and most importantly I believe I have made a difference in their lives as well. 

I have become the teacher that many students come and say "Can we talk, Mrs. Prosser?" Of course!. At that point everything else I am doing gets shut down, and I focus on the individual before me. I may not solve all their problems during that time - but I do listen with my whole heart and encourage them to find the answers on their own.


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